Glamping Pods By Korten

Glamping Pods

Manufactured in the UK, backed up by nearly 60 years of construction experience, our glamping pods can offer an all-year outdoor lifestyle.

Constructed by local craftsman, these environmentally friendly pods offer comfortable accommodation at very affordable prices. They are heavily insulated, practical and stylish, with a wide range of versatile uses.

Each of our pods can be individually designed and customised to your own specification with an endless range of options.
Our in-house team also offers a full and professional installation service within the UK.

Take a look through our Glamping Pod range below:

Mallard Glamping Pod

The Mallard

Glamping/Camping Pod
TEAL (Tall) Glamping Pod

The Teal (Tall)

Glamping/Camping Pod
The Teal (Low) Glamping Pod

The Teal (Low)

Glamping/Camping Pod

Shepherds Hut (Concept)

Korten is pleased to introduce its shepherd’s hut concept design.

Designed using the same principles as our high-quality glamping pods, our concept is a modern and sleek approach to the ever-popular traditional shepherd’s hut. Built to be moved, our shepherds hut truly does allow you to make the most our of your site.

Shepherd Hut Interior 2
Shepherd Hut Interior 3
Shepherd Hut Interior 4
Shepherd Hut Outside
Shepherd Hut Interior 1