Forging New relationships

Through a previous customer relationship, Korten was approached in late 2018 to create a new and eye-catching stand for Ubisense at Hannover Messe Industrie (HMI) 2019.

As the leading tradeshow for industrial technology, HMI 2019 attracted over 215,000 visitors. With such a large footfall it was important for the customer that they had a distinctive design to stand out from the crowd. One part of the customer’s design brief was to have a feature wall for a large flow graphic, providing a centrepiece to the stand’s design. A major challenge for Korten’s design team was how to create a captivating stand while conforming to hall building regulations. The brief was to create an engaging exhibition stand that included a semi-private meeting space, a coffee point, a hanging sign and a large demo area.

A challenge faced by Korten’s design team was how best to display Ubisense’s intricate products. After reviewing custom display cases Korten had previously used, the design team embarked on creating a custom display solution, with each product modelled into CAD format before construction. As a part of the display case design, a small rebate was left to allow LED edge lighting to shine through the display face. Using computer-aided design tools, Korten’s expert workshop team produced a custom display face, through cutting and rebating into the clear and frosted acrylic using our CNC routing machine. The display face was then combined with a high finish display case, finished in a gloss spray.

A partner of the client (Signify) had a very large strip light, that worked with location sensors that they wanted to incorporate onto the stand so it was essential that there was a ceiling on the design that could hold the product and minimize ambient light reaching them. The design and production team worked closely to make sure we were able to include this product in a way that looked great, but also met the regulations of the hall. The design team decided to adopt a louvred wooden slat panel layout at 45° angles to minimize light pollution from the hall, allowing the client’s products to be shown at their full potential. The slat effect not only looked attractive; it also allowed the overhead sprinklers to reach the stand in case of a fire emergency. It is this close working relationship between both the client and the organizers that allowed Korten to create a stand that excels visually and practically.

IBC 2019

Korten proudly constructed stands for six clients at IBC 2019, held in Amsterdam’s RAI Exhibition Centre.

Displaying a range of broadcasting products, from cutting edge broadcast graphics, through to innovative camera mounts, Korten was required to think out of the box to come up with attractive display solutions.

GAMA IPS Exhibition

As a long-standing customer and regular exhibitor in both the UK and Europe, Gama healthcare look for adaptable solutions to the varied exhibitions and events they find themselves attending. With a very short build-up and a large floorspace, arguably the most challenging exhibition that Gama attend is the Infection Prevention Society’s (IPS) annual UK conference and exhibition. Held in Liverpool, the 2019 IPS exhibition, had an effectively 1 day build uptime, with the hall opening at 06:00 and closing at 01:00 on the show day. Client’s product can be set up in the morning, but no building can occur. Coupled with the short build time is the large floor area of Gama’s stand at 126m2.

To allow for such a large construction effort in a short period of time, Korten worked collaboratively with Gama to identify the best methods of displaying their products on a stand, whilst allowing for quick installation. As a result of a collaborative design process, in which Korten designers hosted a client workshop to understand the design process, Korten and Gama were able to create a modular desk system, with interchangeable outer skins for different product ranges. The interchangeable desks create an interactive benchtop display system, with integrated tablets for displaying product information, as well as being very quick to install. To maximise the quality and longevity of the desk system, the final finish was a high-quality spray paint, which is resistant to minor scratches, scrapes and scuffs.

To maximise the impact of the stand, Korten installed hanging cubes featuring Gama branding and specific product branding, helping to zone the large stand space and allowing different customer sectors to be easily identifiable across the hall.

Through the collaborative process, a short build time and the recognition of the requirement to reuse elements of the stand, Korten was able to create an exhibition stand that not only met the brief for IPS 2019, but can also easily be used and adapted for future exhibitions, increasing value for the customer and minimising waste. By running a collaborative customer workshop Korten has also empowered Gama to be able to be proactive in the stand design process, allowing the relationship between an exhibition contractor and customer to progress beyond simply designing to a brief.

Ground Breaking Project Launches

When Clear-Com approached Korten about updating their exhibition stand for IBC 2019 and cutting-edge product launch, we knew that an innovative display solution would be required.

Throughout the design process, Korten aimed to provide a unique exhibition stand, with elements reminiscent of their previous exhibition stands, whilst also utilising the latest in innovative display solutions, combining to create a modern stand, which is still unmistakably Clear-Com’s.

Working closely with the client, our design team was able to transform the client brief into a large, modern stand with unique features, such as the front reception bar area that utilises a bespoke designed feature front facia, cut using Korten’s state-of-the-art CNC router.

Taking in a brief of creating a sleeker, more modern stand, our design team set out to create a concept using a high-quality blend of materials that naturally worked with Clear-Com’s branding. As a result of Korten’s close co-operation with the client, our design team was able to use their intuition to introduce stand design concepts, such as a feature metal canopy, with custom hanging signs.

Korten’s designers were also briefed with an innovative new product launch, which needed to be front and centre on the exhibition stand. By drawing on their extensive knowledge of the latest display products and technology Korten’s design team were able to identify an animated lightbox system to perfectly display the new product in a fashion that complemented the product.

By drawing upon a long working relationship with the client, Korten was able to provide an innovative, high-quality exhibition stand, with unique features that set the stand apart from the opposition; perfectly accompanying our client’s new product, designed to blow the competition away.

Welcome to Our New Site

On behalf of Korten we are pleased to be able to display our news website.

Through this site, we aim to keep you up to date with Korten’s latest news, shows and case studies from across the exhibition and events industry.

As the site progresses, we aim to provide regular blogs, covering topics from choosing the right stand builder for you, deciding on designs, and the use of interactive technology on exhibition stands.

We will also use the blog to keep you informed with new and exciting projects happening in Korten, such as new tools and technologies available in the exhibition industry.


The “Custom-Modular” Exhibition Stand

Having been approached by a long-term client for a low-cost stand solution for smaller shows, Korten came up with an innovative custom exhibition stand with the ease and convenience of a system modular stand.

Having exhibited extensively in the UK and Europe, Korten’s client found themselves requiring a presence at exhibitions and conferences, which do not necessitate their usual large-scale presence. Having looked at system modular stands, it was found that both the cost and quality found with standard modular systems did not match with the client’s expectations.

Through Korten’s knowledge of the customer, our design team were able to identify possible solutions, eventually settling on a modular furniture system, allowing for a range of stand sizes and layouts, but totally custom to the client.

By using modular flooring systems and lightweight materials Korten’s “custom modular” system can be installed by two contractors, keeping onsite personnel required to a minimum and providing the quality of finish not associated with a modular system exhibition.